Consumer Bankruptcy: 
I have helped hundreds of individuals, families and businesses obtain relief from creditor harassment and obtain a fresh start by having their debts discharged.   The relief provided puts and almost an immediate end to harassing phone calls and letters from creditors, collection agencies and lawyers.  It stops lawsuits dead  in their tracks and, at least temporarily, delays the foreclosure process permitting the distressed homeowner valuable time to work on options with the lender to  save their home.  Call for an appointment to discuss your unique situation.  I do not charge for an initial consultation because I know you are struggling and I want to make sure that  you obtain the advice necessary to determine if bankruptcy or other alternatives are right for you.

Estate Planning:  
Living Trusts 
Living Will 
Financial Power of Attorney
Health Care Power of Attorney 
Beneficiary Deed 

This involves primarily two different circumstances: estate administration of a decedent and the appointment of a guardian and or conservator of a minor or  incompetent adult. After the death of a loved one, in order to transfer or distribute assets an estate may need to be opened in the Probate Court. Whether or not it  is necessary depends on the size and types of assets.  In smaller estates we may be able to avoid “probate” by preparing affidavits for things such as vehicles  bank accounts and real estate.  The “probate” process involves applying for a personal representative to be appointed, accounting for assets of the decedent,  determining the heirs or beneficiaries, noticing creditors and dealing with claims, possibly liquidating assets and investing funds, paying creditors distributing  assets and accounting
to the court and beneficiaries and possibly filing estate and income tax returns. Arizona Probate Law and the Rules of the Court are intricate and complex and the  probate process should not be attempted by those without experienced counsel.

Guardianship is a formal proceeding to have someone appointed to represent an incompetent adult or a minor without a responsible parent available.  A  conservatorship is appointed if the ward has assets that need to be protected and accounted for.  Temporary guardianships are also available for minors who are  staying with relatives so that they can be enrolled in school or receive medical services.  The process is complex and require strict adherence to the rules for service upon persons entitled to notice.  I have many years of experience representing guardians in guardianships and conservatorships and personal representatives in decedent’s estates.  

General Civil:
We represent many clients in various legal predicaments or review documents few of them have ever seen before.  Call and ask.  If we cannot provide you with the answers we will refer you to someone who can.

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